We started this website rebranding project the same way we start all of our projects, by asking what is unique about our client, Valleyview Injury + Physical Medicine. What is their personality? What makes them different? If we could translate their purpose to one sentence, what would it be. If we had to explain treatment with an image, what would you see.

Homepage before rebranding
Homepage before rebranding

What they did: The Before

Valleyview Injury + Physical Medicine specializes in after-injury chiropractic, massage therapy, and acupuncture.

The previous website reflected the “what they do” in a literal sense, they offer chiropractic, massage therapy, and acupuncture. You can see their phone number and address and a picture of the physical space they occupy on their website. Other pages have pictures of auto accidents and people in pain wearing hard hats. Although this meets the requirements for everything you need on a website, we felt something was missing. It is hard to tell the difference between this website and other websites for chiropractors, massage therapists, or acupuncturists. And, if your customers cant tell the difference, why would they choose you?


website design


A fitting, visual metaphor for what Valleyview Injury + Physical Medicine really does.

What they really do: The After

They help people climb mountains again.

Valleyview Injury + Physical Medicine is not your traditional medical facility. They want to help people recover from an accident or injury through only natural treatment options when possible. They are a gentle, guiding hand to the traditional medical intervention. Because of this, we wanted to create an air of openness and relaxation. After all, most of the treatments you can receive at Valleyview Injury + Physical Medicine are treatments you receive at a high-end spa. We chose the outdoors to reflect the natural nature of treatments and the health of being in the outdoors, both the emotional health it provides, and the physical health required to get there.

Unlike the original website, we intentionally avoided any images relating to accidents or injuries. Valleyview Injury + Physical Medicine is a place of healing and recovery, a place of care and wellness. The injury that brought patients to Valleyview is the past of the patient journey, Valleyview, and their treatments, represent future wellbeing. Photos feature people looking forward to rewarding, open expanses and grandure from a position that would have taken some effort to acheive. A fitting, visual metaphor for what Valleyview Injury + Physical Medicine really does.

Do you, or someone you know, need treatment? You can find there website at VIPMedhealth.com.

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